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Our New Space:
The Port Product Lab

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We're excited to announce a new partnership with Port Workspaces, the Bay Area's largest independent coworking provider. Elevator Works has assumed operations of a 4,000 sqft space located in the Kaiser Mall building, in downtown Oakland on the shores of Lake Merritt. This space is a huge expansion for Elevator Works, and puts us in partnership with an organization that has developed great strategies for managing real estate and coworking.

We recently relaunched this space as the Port Product Lab. We're accepting memberships for professionals and small teams who are delivering a product or service and want to be around others that can be part of their professional network. We have available dedicated spaces which members are outfitting as creative studios and workshops. All memberships include a great coworking environment, across all Port Workspaces locations. This means that members who need to spend time outside the workshop as part of their business have a great environment in which to do so.

Our commitment to helping emerging manufacturers in Oakland only increases as we embark on this next chapter of our story. This is especially true where we can in help those companies take advantage of modern digital design and fabrication and other technology to get further, faster - to prototype and produce locally - to work together and buy from each other.


The Elevator Works micro-manufacturing Community

Our clients, partners, and members represent all parts of the micro-manufacturing sector. Our fabricators work side-by-side with professionals in a flexible way, from facilitating training and self-service through full-service solutions.


Elevator Works services

for micro-manufacturers, growing companies, and established firms



We have equipment in house and relationships with others to help get your project made

  • laser cutting & etching (wood, plastics, textiles, leather, paper, cardboard, more)

  • CNC routing (wood, plastics, other soft materials)

  • general metal fabrication and machining



When you need more than just fabrication

  • selecting/sourcing the best materials for your project

  • digital design (2D, CAD/CAM) and modeling

  • sanding, grinding, parts assembly

  • electronics assembly, firmware/software configuration

  • light receiving, packing, shipping


Production management

End-to-end management of your more complex fabrication project

  • Project planning & management

  • Vendor communications

  • Materials staging

  • Project labor recruiting & management

  • Testing & quality assurance



Lean on our decades of combined professional experience to tackle complicated problems


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