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Elevator Works exists to help freelancers and small businesses start and succeed. One of our most important strategies is to connect members to each other, so that each can focus on what they truly do best, and develop great partnerships in which both parties benefit.

B2Barter is Elevator Works 'eating our own dog food' - using key strategies ourselves, in the way our members do. This helps us continually improve our member offering, by putting ourselves in our members' collective shoes.

B2Barter members provide a few hours a month of services in their area of expertise to Elevator Works as we pilot, launch and grow.

When you join as a B2Barter member, you get:
- Free coworking membership in Elevator Works
- Charter membership status, in which you become instrumental in helping us pilot, launch, grow, and thrive
- First crack at contract opportunities that Elevator Works creates in the world
- Introductions to other members who need your services
- Help tuning your offerings to meet the needs of our members

As we grow our operation, we'll be recruiting for specific member types, but if you don't see yourself listed in the 'IamA' list below, don't let that stop you - if you're interested, we'd love to talk about how we might be able to work together.

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