Lend us $25, $50 or $100 on Kiva - we need you to be part of the Elevator Works story


We're bootstrapping Elevator Works right now, and we're doing all we can without much money. But it really does take money to make money, and we're limited in how much we can do without more cash. We need to do things like hire staff, pay for space improvements, invest in necessary equipment and tools. Without capital, we can't actually provide all the services we need to grow and sustain the Elevator Works community.

We think our story appeals to local people who care about local jobs, local entrepreneurship, and local economy. We know many of you are not wealthy accredited investors, but it's important to us to provide the opportunity for you to be part of this story. We also want to give Elevator Works members a chance to help us get started and collect a dividend later when we're turning a profit.

So, the first step in our public campaign to raise the capital we need is a smallish one - we're borrowing $10,000 on Kiva. That campaign is about 60% funded as I write this - you still have a chance to get in before it's fully funded if you hurry...

Obviously, we'd sure also appreciate if you let your networks know about this campaign.

We need a lot more than $10k to get fully up and running. We're committed to opening up that opportunity to all of you. Stay tuned for more - I'll share as soon as I'm able.

- sal (& the E.W. team)