Join us at Red Bull Creation - Sunday July 1 at American Steel

We're proud to be hosting the CNC shop for Red Bull Creation, coming to West Oakland June 28-July 1. Creation is a 72 hour innovation competition that gathers Makers, Hackers, and Inventors to create something new around a collaborative topic.  Each year presents a new, unique challenge and theme. In 2018, Red Bull Creation lands right here in Oakland, with the goal of creating new connections and collaborations. The theme of this year's Creation challenge is: “Bridges Over Walls”.

We're excited to see what local teams do with this challenge, and the awesome things they'll create. As part of the theme, Creation's team selection process has changed this year - instead of selecting teams from existing organizations/sites, Creation teams this year were selected randomly. This was done intentionally to put teams together that haven't worked together before, because they believe unexpected things will happen as a result.

Sure sounds a lot like our value proposition. I think we're both onto something powerful...

We'll be hosting a design thinking and fabrication workshop for young men from the Hidden Genius Project, which hosts a summer school for young black men to expose them to tech, entrepreneurship, and leadership, and we're thrilled to be talking about all these things with their youth. We hope this won't be the last project we do with the Hidden Geniuses.

Creation is open to the public on Sunday July 1, starting at noon.  Come see what Creation hath wrought!