Join us for our monthly Micro-Manufacturing Peer Support Group - Friday July 20th

Last month was a hit! Thanks to everyone who came out. I hope you'll all come back and bring a friend this Friday!

Since we last met Elevator Works has hosted the digital fabrication shop for Red Bull Creation, traveled to Paris for the Fab City conference, and won a CNC Router! (this is a good story - there's definitely a blog post in it & we'll tell you all about it on Friday).  Looking forward to hearing what you've been up to and, as always, how Elevator Works can help your projects and your business and your all-around well being (that last one might be easy, might be hard, but hey, we're in this together).

And if you don't know:

West Oakland is the place where a modern manufacturing economy is emerging. We are in a time of rapid change and disruption of traditional design and production. We are in a city full of smart, resourceful, creative people who are working in various ways with materials. Traditional manufacturers need to learn new ways of working. Innovators and inventors need access to resources, and to each other. We all need to learn to make the most of expensive real estate, scarce workers, and shifting customer expectations.

We do this by connecting to each other. Join us for our second monthly Micro-Manufacturing Peer Support Group, with great people, and also snacks.

All before dinnertime, every Third Friday

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Now you know.