As we formulated early Fab City program priorities in 2018, we engaged in dialog with Mayor Libby Schaaf and her team. We all recognized two key immediate needs:

  1. Immediately form and strengthen relationships with non-elected staff. to ensure continuity of Fab City program support

  2. Assess existing City of Oakland programs, many of which have significant overlap with Fab City goals, and use Fab City efforts to support and reinforce these programs

Our immediate focus is on City initiatives in economic development, integrated workforce training, resiliency, and race & equity, but as we proceed, we expect to increasingly engage in policy areas like transportation, zoning and land use, cannabis and more.

In the first half of 2019, we will engage City department heads and thought leaders, to introduce them to Fab City and help each understand why its simple goal of building a self-sufficient Oakland 2054 with global support can help us achieve local policy goals. We will emerge from these early conversations with clear short-term goals, which we will proceed to address in partnership in the latter half of the year.

Although Oakland Fab City is a city-focused initiative, we recognize that we must further engage with County and State governments, collaborating with other Fab Cities in the region and state. Since Sacramento is a Fab City, which joined the commitment in 2016, we already have the start of a statewide dialog.