From greeting card to 3d Object


Elevator Works was approached by a client with a desire to create a special gift card, which the recipient would then turn into a durable object.

The client wanted their gift to create an experience which engaged the user in a design and assembly exercise, and showed how simple digital fabrication can be used as a strategy for engagement and education.

fab city pencilbox.PNG

We’ve since used this basic idea to create several similar objects, all of which start as one or two small pieces of thin material which fit in an envelope. All are customizable, and we’re able to design new functional branded objects for new customers with a similar need - for tradeshow marketing materials, employee awards, product packaging inserts, and lots of other applications.

Let us help you with your branded merchandise needs. Contact us for more information.

Easy-up Flat Pack Partition System with Minimal Hardware

flat pack partitions.PNG

This Elevator Works design came from the request of a commercial property management firm. They needed flexible partitions which were durable, easy to store, set up, break down, and move. This model uses easy-fit plywood joints, rather than hardware fittings. The panel insert design can accommodate acoustic panels, hardboard, white boards, plexiglas, colored acrylic, glass, pattern cut sheet materials, etc. The sections can be sized shorter or larger, doors or windows incorporated. Three-sided i-beam like joints add rigidity with minimal weight.

Need a system like this for your office, workshop, lobby, or other space?

Secure Slip-Fit Joint for Durable Assemblies

This laser-cut three-part locking clip assembly has excellent tensile strength and good rigidity. It is designed for semi-permanent parts installation, and can be incorporated in complex 3D parts which need strong 90-degree connections. This joint, with minimal modification, can be used with any reasonably rigid material, ranging from sheet plywood or even hardwood, acrylic, and even softer materials like thicker felt and cork.

This is an open-source design. We’d love it if you’d incorporate it into your own projects - please let us know if you do!


Flat Pack Work Tables

This design was developed by E.W.’s Danny Beesley for use in local FabLabs. He wanted to create a table that used minimal hardware, packed flat, showed the capabilities of the FabLab to make useful products, and was sturdy enough to withstand heavy use of FabLab users.

The Flat Pack Worktable has undergone several revisions, and is now available for general orders. It’s a great solution for any workshop that needs sturdy workbenches. It is highly customizable and brandable, and with optional casters can be easily moved to accommodate the needs of a flexible workspace. Optional stools tuck into rails under the table, and are easily stowed for storage or moving.

flat pack worktable.jpg
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