B2Barter: Illustrator/Infographicist

Are you a creative storyteller who is skilled at turning ideas into visuals? Are you able to mold your visual style to suit the brand identity and message of your client? Does your work convey information effectively and stick in the viewers mind? Do you see the possibilities for meaningful impact created by a micro-manufacturing revolution in West Oakland?

If so, we want you in the Elevator Works community.

Your ability and drive are super important. Your experience might come from professional practice, a current or prior job, a side hustle, or your passion that you haven't quite taken the leap on. This is an opportunity to start or grow a practice that can take you to new places, both literally and figuratively.

You'll get a B2Barter membership in exchange for several hours a month of illustration & design work for Elevator works. You'll help us as we build our identity and marketing materials, both online and offline. We'll ask you to commit to working at least one day a week in our coworking community (more is even better).

About B2Barter

Elevator Works exists to help freelancers and small businesses start and succeed. One of our most important strategies is to connect members to each other, so that each can focus on what they truly do best. Whey they do, they develop great partnerships in which both parties benefit.

By giving Elevator Works a few hours each month, providing services in your area of expertise, you become part of our community.

When you join as a B2Barter member, you get:
- Free coworking membership in Elevator Works
- Charter membership status, in which you become instrumental in helping us pilot, launch, grow, and thrive
- First crack at contract opportunities that Elevator Works creates in the world
- Introductions to other members who need your services
- Help tuning your offerings to meet the needs of our members