A quick look back at 2018

We’ve been a bit quiet over the past couple months, but that’s not because we haven’t been busy. Fab City 2019 has us working on a few key initiatives, each of which we’ll be talking about more deeply over the next several weeks.

As part of our 2018 year-end review, we looked back over our accomplishments for the year, and here are a few highlights:

- led the adoption of the Fab City program by the City of Oakland
- took on leadership of the Fab City program, raising funds, building programs and partnerships
- raised over $100k in seed funding and philanthropy
- completed a $10k Kiva crowd loan in less than 10 days
- won our Forest Scientific 4x8 CNC router
- acquired nearly $100k in equipment and supplies, most of which were donated, given in trade, or won
- recruited a diverse board of advisors, developed several critical key partnerships with Oakland-based stakeholders
- generated meaningful revenue from memberships, fabrication and consulting
- ran a pilot event series which we’ll bring back (bigger & better) in 2019

All this by showing up every day and finding all possible ways to move closer to our vision - a modern, inclusive, sustainable, mission-driven Oakland manufacturing economy.

djds signs.jpg

We’ll have a lot to say in 2019. Much of our attention has gone to stewardship for Oakland Fab City, a role in which we expect to continue for some time. We have a lot to do - the need and opportunity is clear. We’ll need all the support we can get from all of you to keep this ball rolling ahead.

More coming, really soon.