Elevator Works Fabrication Freelancer Platform

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We are working with freelance fabricators to provide structured access to workshop equipment on a bulk discounted basis. Freelancers build and service their own client base, and rely on our facilities, expertise and network to help them deliver.

Are you working on side projects that need space, AND equipment availability on your schedule?

Is your business growing? Do you hope to pursue your craft as a full-time business? We can help.


Our in-house equipment includes the list below. Shop and equipment are available for self-service to partners in our Freelancer Platform program, and can be made available to clients for larger production runs. We have relationships with partners who have other equipment which can be available on a per-project basis, and ability to provide flexible space during a project.

  • Univeral Laser 75 watt CO2 laser, 18”x24” bed

  • Forest Scientific HS series 4’x8’ CNC router, with vacuum table

  • Well-equipped electronics bench, including LPKF circuit board mill

  • Taig CNC Micro-Mill

  • Various power, air and hand tools, prototyping materials, and more

Elevator Works consulting


Elevator Works is leading Oakland Fab City programs. Oakland Fab City is a multi-faceted effort, which spans community and partnership building, education, innovation and entrepreneurship, and policy.


In parallel with general fabrication projects for clients, Elevator Works is developing various in-house products. Some of these are below.