Take the Oakland Fab City Pledge

Join a growing community of Oaklanders (and honorary Oaklanders) who have taken the pledge to help shape Oakland’s next 35 years. Oakland 2054 is a city where we produce all we consume. We get there with help from partners around the world, and with the participation of forward-thinking Oakland.

The pledge is in three parts, which allow each of us to express our own Fab City vision and commitment. Your words and your face will be posted together. They are your commitment - your Pledge.

  1. Why is this vision important to YOU?

  2. What does Oakland Fab City need to succeed?

  3. What will YOU contribute to ensure we get there?

You can see others here who have taken the Pledge, and who might provide inspiration for yours.

I took the Pledge - Join me!

my Fab City Pledge

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